Rethink your experience with coffee

UNA Brewer

The most intelligent way to brew coffee ANYWHERE and ANYTIME


Fill it out with any temperature water, that our UNA will boil the water with its batteries!

Go to Eco-friendly Pod

Eco-friendly Pod

Insert a UNA’s biodegradable and high quality coffee pod

Go to start Brewing

start Brewing

Press the button in the Brewer or in the Mobile App

Go to GO


In a few minutes your favorite cup of coffee will be freshly brewed in your hands


UNA will revolutionize the way people experience coffee on-the-go
It's time to rethink your coffee experience on-the-go

More than 38 million people drink coffee on-the-go, EVERYDAY, in US alone!!! Each one of those coffee lovers are spending over 1000 dollars and over 120 hours per year just going out to buy coffee. Also, the new single-cup format is fostering a major environmental problem since just last year almost 13 billion K-cups and more than 50 billion disposable cups ended up in landfills. UNA's solution is a combination of a SMART and PORTABLE coffee brewer with BIODEGRADABLE coffee pods. UNA, in Portuguese, means UNIFY! We are unifying everything you need to BREW, CARRY and DRINK your favorite cup of coffee.

  • Brews coffee on-the-go

  • Patent Pending Brewing Mechanism

  • Do a bunch of cool stuff with the IoT feature through your phone!

  • More than 600 people helped to build UNA Brewer!


Smart people that love coffee, dream big and have skills to execute